I have to say, I was very impressed at the thought behind this invention. Me personally, my first impression was, "I don't want the album! I just want to play with the album cover!" This is a great way to delve deep into people's psyche and tap into their inner child. I applaud Maldover for taking the time to be innovative and thinking outside of the box. Who can compete with this. I probably would of stopped at having a circuit board album casing. But he took it a step further by not only having the casing make noise, but you can also listen to the tracks by plugging into the headphone jack. In an over saturated market where getting the people's attention means everything, Maldover took it to the next level. 
After watching this video, I wouldn't be surprised if pirating has increased by 75%. Why did they have to use Rap. From the guy being named "DP", the mom who was hauled off by SWAT, the Klingons, and the "Devin's Dance Grooves" routine towards the end was uncalled for. They went overboard by having the kid at the end who got busted for pirating. He's the only guy I know or have heard of being busted for pirating. I guess he's 1 and a 1,000,000,0000. 

This video was filmed in one take, with audio being recorded simultaneously with the film. The video features Nyle (www.nyleraps.com) and is produced by Last Pictures (www.last-pictures.com) and 194 Recordings (www.myspace.com/194recordings)

I found this video on Digg.com. The person who posted the video was amazed at the concept of the video and the response it received, but disappointed at the fact that there was nothing else (music, other videos, etc.) one could get from the artist, Nyle. This is a case of how a person could get a good start in the music business, but fail because you have no other media to follow up and give to your audience.


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