“Kemetian Warrior” is the meaning behind the name Khem Na’khi, who is one of the outspoken voices against the war on music. Remaining in the shadows for quite some time, his timing couldn’t have been better to begin raising awareness about the challenges and opportunities within the music industry. In a recent interview, Khem Na’khi stated, The powers that be are loosing their control over the record industry and the artists and music fans are taking matters into their own hands and steering the future of music in a positive direction.After years of strategically constructing a plan to bring change to the industry, Khem Na’khi finally reveals and shares with the world his opinions, innovative ideas and plans for revolutionizing the music and the industry that’s holding her hostage.

Khem Na’khi is a social entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Third World Nation, which is built on the same principles and conditions as a third world country, whereas, in their case, the natural resources are knowledge and innerstanding (self knowledge). Khem Na’khi feels that our natural resources are being exploited due to the suppression of information and false perceptions of reality. In return, the mind is oppressed and underdeveloped. Due to the conflicts and conditions, the fate of Third World Nation is a revolutionary one. Khem Na’khi wants to challenge the industry with this state of mind and build a strong foundation to:

(1)PROVIDE an outlet for artistic expression through creative arts.
(2)PRESENT information from a neutral and integral perspective to raise consciousness and awareness to higher levels.
(3)PROPOSE alternatives & solutions that will allow us to work together as a community and evolve.

iRULE MUSIC and iRULE ATLANTA EXPERIENCES are the first projects from Third World Nation whose aim is to uplift and progress the music industry and the Atlanta music community using the CREATE-BUILD-MARKET model. The main objectives of the model are to:

(1)CREATE awareness about the challenges and opportunities within the music industry.
(2)Provide the resources, ideas and strategies to BUILD the community.
(3)Establish a MARKET to begin the process of constructing the community.

As Khem Na’khi states, “To my knowledge, this project is the first of its kind. It’s diverse. I’m presenting thought provoking information through the radio show and magazine, promoting good music through the mixtape and inviting any and everybody to be a part of the project.”

Khem Na’khi released
“WTFM?” (What's The Future of Music?), an audio magazine, to create awareness, build anticipation and establish a market before he delivers the first installment. The mixtape gives the listener a preview of what to expect from the radio show, digital magazine and mixtape. It includes 6 articles, written and performed by Khem Na'khi, 6 featured artists; Michelle Amador, Jose James, Jessi Colasante, Taylor McFerrin, Pursuit Grooves & Rahsaan Patterson. There are 16 tracks of nonstop music, forward thinking information and opportunities for the people, whether you're a music fan, artist, have your own label or small business. As Khem Na'khi states, "This is what I feel the future of music is about from an artistic perspective. We have to go above and beyond to add more interest and value to our music projects. However, this is not my project. This is our project.”

The Future is a promising and bright for Khem Na’khi, who is confident that his projects will help to make a change within the music industry. “It’s a gradual change.” Khem Na’khi said in a recent interview. With the amount of time he has spent articulating his plans and planning his moves he says that this is only the beginning of something great. When asked about his next move after the iRule Music Project, Khem Na’khi smirked and said, “The next move will be more controversial. It was actually going to be the first, but I felt the iRule Music Experience should come first under certain circumstances. But we’ll see.”